Join Our Team

Teguh Hidayat & Partners opens an opportunity for capital market professionals to occupy a position as a Junior and Senior Partner.

  1. Build Analysis,
  2. Provide Advice, Consulting, and Training
  3. Managing Private Investment for High Net Worth Clients (for Senior Partner only).

Requirements for Junior Partner:
  1. Male/Female, minimum bachelor degree from Department of Economics/Investment/Finance from reputable university, a minimum of 1 year experience in the field of capital markets.
  2. Have a broad knowledge of fundamental analysis, especially value investing.
  3. Holding WPPE, or other capital market certificates
  4. Good looking, able to speak in front of people
  5. Have a calmness and patience, with proven examples (that you are the type of person who is calm and cannot be easily panic)
  6. Domicile in Jakarta and surrounding areas
Requirements for Senior Partner: Meet the six requirements above, plus
  1. Holding WMI, CFA is preferrable
  2. Minimum of five years experience in capital markets, preferably as investor/fund manager with a proven track record of investment.

Note: In this job you may meet a lot of people (investors, brokers, fund managers, etc), and also travelling throughout Indonesia. Our office is in Citylofts Sudirman, Central Jakarta.

Send 1. Your CV, 2. Your latest photo, and 3. An essay describing yourself (that you met the requirements), to, (subject: Join the team, att: Teguh Hidayat) no later than April 5, 2015.


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